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in 2018
Date Location Exhibitions and Conferences
May 14-17 New Orleans, USA INTERPORE - 10th Annual Meeting and Jubilee Conference

Presentation title: Filter media design for dust holding capacity by computer simulations
Speaker: Dr. Sven Linden

Presentation title: Shape analysis for grains and pores on 3d digital images
Speaker: Dr. Fabian Biebl

Presentation title: Identification of individual fibers from 3d digital images
Speaker: Andreas Grießer

Presentation title: An integrated tool for digital rock physics: benchmark results for flow simulations
Speaker: Liping Cheng PhD

Booth number: 7

June 5-7 Cleveland, USA NAFEMS - CAASE 2018

Presentation title: Micromechanical modeling and simulation of a multifunctional hybrid composite
Speaker: Dr.-Ing. Constantin Bauer

Presentation title: How does the microstructure of the cathode material influence the performance
of the battery
Speaker: Dr. Ilona Glatt

Workshop: Material simulation based on micro–computed tomography data
Trainer: Dr.-Ing. Constantin Bauer

Workshop: How to improve battery performance by digitally optimizing the microstructure of the electrodes
Trainer: Dr. Ilona Glatt

Booth number: 16

June 13 Kaiserslautern, Germany Company Contact Fair "Treffpunkt"
Booth number: 16
September 18-19 Kaiserslautern, Germany GeoDict UserMeeting 2018
Location: Gartenschau Kaiserslautern

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