GeoDict® Applications

Resolve scientific questions with GeoDict®

GeoDict offers innovative solutions for a wide range of scientific questions, in industrial and academic settings, by combining application-oriented modules.

"GeoDict Applications" provide insights into approaches to concrete tasks in material research and development. The simulation approach and the achieved results shown here are based on real projects with partners from the corresponding application areas. 

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Analysis of a Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic

Subject: Composites

Marina Hümbert, Andreas Grießer, Oliver Rimmel (Math2Market GmbH)

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Experimentally validated simulation of strain-induced battery aging

Subject: Batteries

Vanessa Wood (ETH Zurich),
Ilona Glatt, Anja Streit (Math2Market GmbH)

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Compression of an aluminum foam

Subject: Foams

Luke Hunter and Wesley de Boever (Tescan GmbH),
Martina Hümbert, Andreas Grießer and Sebastian Rief (Math2Market GmbH)

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Simulation of filter media for protective face masks

Subject: Filtration

Mehdi Azimian, Philipp Eichheimer, Barbara Planas (Math2Market GmbH)

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Digital Models for Additive Manufacturing

Subject: Additive Manufacturing

Martina Hümbert (Math2Market GmbH)

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