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2022 27. June 2022

Study of optimal weaving shape according to formability and mechanical properties of polyethylene-based self-reinforced composite (in Korean)

Textile Coloration and Finishing, Vol 34(1), 58-67 - Open access

S-H. Yu, P.G. Lee, J-H. Lee, N.S.R. Kim, J-H. Sim
2022 27. June 2022

Siamese-SR: A Siamese Super-Resolution model for booksting resolution of Digital Rock images for improved petrophysical property estimation

IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, In Press, Open access

V.R. Ahuja, U. Gupta, S.R. Rapole, N. Saxena, R. Hofmann, R.J. Day-Stirrat, J. Prakash, Ph.K. Yalavarthy
2022 27. June 2022

Modeling water transport at the interface between porous GDL and gas distributor of a PEM fuel cell cathode

Doctoral Thesis, Open access, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering / Stuttgart Center for Simulation Science, University of Stuttgart, Germany

C. Michalkowski
2022 27. June 2022

Mixed strain/stress gradient loading for FFT-based computational homogenization methods

Computational Mechanics, Online April 27, Open access

M. Kabel
2022 27. June 2022

Environmentally friendly and antimicrobial bilayer structured fabrics with integrated interception and sterilization for personal protective mask

Separation and Purification Technology, Vol 294, 121165

Y. Cheng, J. Li, M. Chen, S. Zhang, R. He, N. Wang
2022 27. June 2022

Deep learning accelerated prediction of the permeability of fibrous microstructures

Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, Vol 158, 106973 - Open access

B. Caglar, G. Broggi, M.A. Ali, L. Orgéas, V. Michaud
2022 27. June 2022

Multiscale fusion of digital rock images based on deep generative adversarial networks

Geophysical Research Letters, Online April 21

M. Liu, T. Mukerji
2022 27. June 2022

Lattice Boltzmann simulation of liquid water transport in gas diffusion layers of proton exchange membrane fuel cells: Parametric studies on capillary hysteresis

Journal of Power Sources, Vol 535, 231381 - Open access

P. Sarkezi-Selsky, H. Schmies, A. Kube, A. Latz, T. Jahnke
2022 27. June 2022

Polymer selection for sandstone reservoirs using heterogeneous micromodels, field flow fractionation and corefloods

SPE Improved Oil Recovery Conference, April 2022

A. Borovina, R.E.H. Reina, T. Clemens, E. Hoffmann, J. Wegner, J. Steidl
2022 27. June 2022

Electrolyte-free graphite electrode with enhanced interfacial conduction using Li+-conductive binder for high-performance all-solid-state batteries

Energy Storage Materials, In Press, Online April 17 - Open access

D.O. Shin, H. Kim, S. Jung, S. Byun, J. Choi, M.P. Kim, J.Y. Kim, S.H. Kang, Y.-S. Park, S.Y. Hong, M. Cho, Y.-G. Lee, K. Cho, Y.M. Lee
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